Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Andover Innovation Lab & Instructional Technology: Epsom Interactive White Board Faculty Presentation 3/3/2014

Faculty Meeting Presentation Interactive White Board


1. Demonstrate the necessary hardware and software for using the Epsom Interactive Board.

2.Exhibit a range of available tools used with interactive board (pens,hardware).

3. Show examples of how a teacher may apply the board to increase collaboration and engage students.


White USB cord-needed for all operation
Hardwired Projection-required for projection
Pens-Batteries Charged and close to board

Easy Interactive Tools Software(installed,can be added to dock)
Self calibrating(projectors are set to self calibrate)

Websites:(Listed below)

Describe the purpose for the training and reveal how quickly someone can set up the
board with its software to use(This is important as teachers need to see that using the board is easy and the learning curve is short).
  1. Show how to connect the white USB connection from the board to the computer.
  2. Show how to connect the projector to the VGA/Dongle for Mac.
  3. Show the location of the Interactive Tools Software in the Launchpad.
  1. Show location of Launchpad and where the Epsom Interactive Tools are located.
  2. Provide an overview of the interface:
Annotation or Whiteboard Mode Break Down

Understanding The Modes:

Annotation Mode- Mode in which your computer screen is shown.
Camera/Document Camera
Tools>Spotlight & Shade (link to help and print mode)
Free Pen
Blob pens
Eraser Tools(Whole page or partial)
Lock Tool Bar/Close xout
Save & Print(file types)

Whiteboard Mode-Mode with white board and can save different pages.
Changing Backgrounds
Choosing Image from folder.
Page List>Creating New Page>Show List


Include Link To Easy Interactive Tools Operation Guide

Tools Overview:
Whiteboard or Screen
Use of Mouse
Pen Tools
Save Screen Shot

  • Gets teachers up and away from desk and begins engagement with content(not tied to laptop).
  • Access to any resource as you would from your desktop(Apps,Documents,Images,Websites).
  • Save brainstorms,discussion content and specific class notes as images. These images can them be used in print,on blogs,Wikis or uploaded online.

Classroom Applications:
Highlighting specific pieces of written text for impact.
Enlarging specific projections to address a variety of learning styles.
Brainstorming/Mindmapping(pen and image tools)
Diagramming Maps, Charts and Images (saving image to computer)
Anatomy Sites

The Heart From Explania.com

Chrome App For GeoGebra

Interactive White Board ideas: