Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Peter Banta Blog Post for March

This week has been the beginning of phase 2 of my final project. This means that the entire front of my spaceship has been fully modeled down to every last detail. The overall cockpit came out very nice, and the texturing i made for the glass encompassing the cockpit looks very good. The beginnings of phase 2 have been very promising, and the body shape for the middle section of the ship is looking very nice. I have enjoyed the process as I have had a lot of success with the whole modeling process. The whole class experience has been very enjoyable also.
phase 2 scene 1.png

The project is going well, and I like the way the small details of the cannons are coming out. Phase 3 is going to be very detailed, while phase 2 is more about getting a rough shape down while doing some of the details in the back. I really like how it is going so far and I think I am slightly ahead of schedule as I finished the main body shape in half a class instead of the whole class like I thought it would. Overall the help desk is clearly making me a better modeler in general.