Thursday, March 6, 2014

From Support Squad To Innovators, Andover Weekly Article / Zachary Griffin

   Before the big February vacation, we at the Andover Innovation Lab had the honor of being interviewed by Dustin Luca at the Andover Townsmen regarding our class and where it fits into Andover High School. This was a great opportunity for the students and Mr. Downs and I to show off the potential a tech-based Help Desk class can have for its environment, and also a chance for the classes students to expose their amazing projects to the town of Andover.

    The interview was done at the end of the day during a fourth block, and we had a total of six students that are either a part of the Help Desk currently or where involved with us during the prior semester. Among those students were Eli Gukovsky and Viabhav Patel, who were both previous students, and current students such as Crispin Dowell, Peter Banta, Parth Valecha, and John Makiej. Each student was given the opportunity to present their projects to Dustin Luca along with their opinions on the Help Desk and its usage at Andover High among the faculty.

    The article was published on the Andover Weekly February 27, and was met with good reception by both the Andover community and the high schools faculty. As we continue to push technical support at the Innovation Lab, we will continue to give students opportunity's to learn more about their field and where they want to go after High School. The Help Desk exists to serve both the community and its students, and with the tech-savvy Mr. Downs and his knowledge on the direction technology is going, the Help Desk couldn't be in better hands.

If you want to see the article, you can view it on the link below: