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A Simple Wikispaces Cheat Sheet / Zachary Griffin

Basic Wiki Cheat Sheet

Welcome to the Basics of a Wiki! Here we will guide you through several easy steps on how to use Wikispaces.

Home Page Edit Tool

Below is a picture of five edit features you can use for your convenience. If you want to create a new page, for example, all you have to do is click on the Page icon, enter a name, and your page will be created! Below is a detailed list of each icon and what their uses are for a Wiki page.

Member/Avatar: This displays your user profile photo. This allows the viewers to know who created or edited content on a particular page.
Create New Page: Add a new page to your Wiki. After you enter the name of your page, it will show up on your navigation menu.
Add Files To Storage: Allows you to add files to your Wikispaces storage.
Create Discussions On Homepage: Creates new posts on a page for users to hold on a discussion.
Create Project: Develop a new project for your Wiki that will also show up under your Events page.
Create Events: Create an event that will be displayed on your Wiki Calendar for users to view.

Members: Allows the creator the Wiki page to add members to their site. Members can view, contribute, 
and even edit the Wiki depending on what level of privilege the creator gives them. All you have to do is click on the “Invite People” tab on the Members page and you will be prompted to enter their email address for an invitation.

Projects: Creating a project is very simple, all you have to do is click on the “Create Project” tab and it will
 show up on your Projects page. Projects allow you to assign teams to users as well as a page to edit if need be. Users can show their work on these pages and even create new ones that will be linked from their teams page.

Events: Events allow you to alert other users on your Wiki about things that are upcoming, such as projects or exams. Events are added to your Calendar, which can be viewed on the Events page.

Assessment: The Assessment page allows you to view the activity of each user on your Wiki. If a user is active, it will show the times and dates of their activity.

Settings: Allows the user to manage the general settings of their Wiki. Features such as themes, domain name, pages, ext. can all be managed on this page.
Creating Links

Creating Links: Creating links out of text on your Wiki is simple! All you have to do is copy the url you wish to link, highlight your text on your Wiki page, and click on the “Link” button. Once you are in the link window, you can choose what kind of link you want to use. “Page or File” creates a link to a file you uploaded onto your Wiki storage, Web Address creates a link to a webpage, and Email address creates links to emails.

Step 1: Edit Tab
Click on the edit tab on the top right corner of the page you wish to add a link to. This turns the page into edit mode, which allows you to change any content the page contains.

Step 2: Highlight your text you wish to link
Highlight over the text you wish to turn into a link. Also ensure you copy the url of the link you want to use.

Step 3: Link tab 
With your text highlighted, select the Link tab on your toolbar. This will open a window.

Step 4: Select your type of Link
Select your type of link, between a file, website, or email address, and paste your desired url inside of the Address bar. Your highlighted text should appear in the Link Text bar as shown below.

Step 5: Test your link
Now that your link appear on your page, click on it and select visit. Your link should now work properly.

You should now have clickable links on your page! Linking an email or file from your storage works the same way as you would link your address.

Importing Content & Images

Using the tool bar under edit mode is a very efficient way of managing your content. The Widget tool allows you to import music, videos, and other kinds of media files to your page, and other tools like the spell checker, File uploader, and font editors will prove to be very helpful when structuring your content.

Font Editor Tools

Like most user-interfaces on any major application you use such as Google Forms or Microsoft Office, the
tool bar on Wikispaces has all of the essential editing tools needed to manage your content the way you see fit.

Links, Formatting & Importing

While the tool allows you to format your text, you can also create links, load images, upload videos, and many other things using these features of the toolbar. Remember to always press Save on the right when you are finished working on something!

Navigation With Editing

You can navigate and edit your navigation menu at your own leisure using the edit navigation tool, and the Pages and Changes buttons allow you to view edits, files, and all of the pages on your Wiki.


You can view your calendar under your Events page. When adding a new event, it will automatically show up on your Calendar, which can be edited at any time.

You can also import your Google Calendar into your Wiki if you wish.

1) First, you want to open the Google Calendar you wish to import. Under “My Calendar” you need to select the Calendar you wish, and go to “Calendar Settings.”
2) Once you are on the Calendar Settings page, Go to the Embed This Calendar tab and copy the text that it provides to you.
3) Go to a page on your Wiki, and when you are in Edit mode, click on the Widget button. A window will open and at the bottom of the navigation menu, there will be a tabbed named “Other HTML.” Go there, and paste the code you copied from your Google Calendar. The Calendar should now appear on your Wiki and will be updated every time you edit your Google Calendar.

Useful Tutorials & Resources On Wikispaces:
Educational Software:
Wiki Tours:

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Instructional Technology and Digital Learning At Andover High School February 10th-14th 2014 - Daniel Downs

Even with a shortened week we were busy making connections and creating new experiences in the Innovation Lab and Instructional technology at Andover High School.

Marketing teacher Karen Stevens started a new semester integrating the web based timeline creator into her courses. This website enables students to create web based presentations in which students upload images,write copy and organized dates into nice graphic timelines.

Mrs.Stevens carefully constructs the lesson by having students develop their ideas and find the images before she introduces the tool. This enables students to have an organized workflow and focus on using the technology without the need to do more research. The students find the timeline creation engaging and enables them to make a variety of connections with events.
View my tutorial on the use of this tool that I created to assist with teachers who want to integrate it.
Beginning With Dipity Part 1

A representative from Burlington High School was on campus to train members of the Digital Learning team and Social Studies teacher Michelle Chaccus with the Ipad application “Net Texts”. This is an application which will allow access to more easily develop lessons and units using “Open Educational Ressources”  often called OER. We expect over the next couple months to support the implementation of this application to better support the use of IPads in the classroom.

On Monday the members of Students government met in the Andover Innovation lab with Dustin Luca from the Andover Townsman to do an article. He was able to get a variety of perspectives on the benefits of the Innovation lab. On Friday he returned to take some photos and meet the students involved in the help desk. We are expecting the article to be on the February 27th edition of the Townsman.

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to assist Tom Powers with the integration of Google Groups into the classroom. He plans on using the web based tool to create web forums for the sharing of documents and written dialogue in his Spanish classroom.  Students immediately accessed the class group and could send a sample reply within the first class it was added. Google groups can enable the organized sharing of materials and responses to questions from the teacher,questions from eachother and a continual forum of responses to sustain engagement in and out of the classroom. Here is a view of a sample interface of Google Groups.

Parents night was on Wednesday and I met many supportive parents who I was able to provide even more background information about the development of the Andover Innovation Lab and help desk. Principal Chris Lord was also able to show me his results from the use of “Poll Everywhere” application which enables real world integration of polling of groups.
The results showed an intense interest in the “use of technology” at the high school which I am glad to see as a topic of interest and look forward to connecting with parents as  we move forward..

In preparation for parents night I worked with Tim VanWey of the Science department in sharing out the link to his presentation for parents which includes links for his contracts and introduction to the course material for the semester. Check this link to see his presentation and corresponding links. This presentation is a great way to share documents and introductory information.
Tim VanWey Science Curriculum Overview

On our snow day I introduced the staff via email the Chrome Apps Store to teachers. This is a deep and excitng teacher resource for a variety of subjects. There are foreign language resources for speaking and science tools with anatomy lessons and vocabulary. The Chrome App(Link Here) store also provides easier access to note taking tools and web based resources for productivity. 

Below is a list of a few of my favorites with descriptions.

This is the Chrome App which enables clipping and saving webpages as images right to your Google Drive. This icon goes right into the browser for snipping websites on the fly. Gives you a great opportunity to collect and organize your web searches as web images.

 The Evernote Web clipper snips webpages and saves them right into your Evernote Account.

Of course Evernote is also available as a Chrome App. Make it even easier to access by adding to your browser.

The UberConference is a great way to bring people together on the web. Invite people using their email or phone number and have an instant conference. Sets up quickly without hassle.

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Why We Love Chromebooks / Zachary Griffin

The Advantages of a Google Chromebook
Google is one of the biggest multinational corporations in the world, and with its goal of trying to create seamless and universal devices and programs for any type of audience, such as the Google Apps, it only seems fitting that they would create a Chrome-based laptop that takes full advantage of its App interface and cloud-based service.

Cloud-Based Interface
As is the direction Google are going with the Google Docs, the Chromebooks take advantage of the Chrome OS device. An internet-based storage system that stores anything from online video streaming to sharing emails via a social network, is all implemented seamlessly on the Chromebooks.

Despite the several advantages to an always online storage system, this could have its own negative outcome for people who are more protective of their content and don’t feel comfortable pushing their content on an always-online storage space.

Full Advantage of the Google Docs
A more cloud-based online environment is coming, and with big manufacturers like Sony, Apple, and Microsoft utilizing a streamed-based service, Google Docs will become even more efficient in creating and sharing documents in the future. Among the various things that the Google Docs allow you to do, you can also take advantage of its exclusive apps that can used for education such as Quicknote or Scratchpad.

Apps that Instructional Staff can take advantage of using Chromebooks:
  • Google Books
  • SlideRocket
  • Google Docs
  • Google Dictionary
  • Alarm Clock App
  • Zoho Projects

Affordability of a Chromebook versus any other standard laptop
One of the best parts of obtaining a Chromebook is how cheap they are. The Acer Chromebook C720-2848 laptop with an 11.6-inch screen is only $200. Compared to similar laptops from other manufacturers such as a Windows 8.1 Dell, which sells the Asus 13.3-inch laptop at $400 with a lower end Intel Duo processor, the Chromebook, relying more heavily on its streaming service rather than its tech, would not only provide better value, but you wouldn't need to worry about getting hardware upgrades on an always clouded device.

How we, at the Andover Innovation Lab use Google Docs
Google Forms 
We use Google forms to create various spreadsheets and forms that assist us in keeping track of our students progress regardless of where we are and what device we are using, as these are the advantages of a streamed catalog! One of the examples that we use is the Student Attendance sheet which was created using Google Forms.

Google Calendar
Keeping track of our students attendance online for the Help Desk is not only beneficial for us, but also for the students. Using Google Calendar, we posted the Help Desk’s students names and the times and days they are scheduled to attend class on the Calendar, which is set to public so both teachers and students can view it. Using the embed tool the Google Calendar provides, we can also post that Calendar on Wiki Spaces and Blogger so our students can always see it as a useful reminder as to when they are expected to attend our class.

Among the many resources the Google Apps provide us, the Google Blogger is among our most used app at the Help Desk. Blogging is an essential way of keeping our viewers and students up to date with the current events of the Help Desk. Students are also asked to post their own blogs regarding their progress on their projects on the Help Desk blogger.

       The Google Apps are essential to the Andover Innovation Lab’s progress, and using the Chromebook interface to take even more advantage of these features would even further its value to both the staff and the students. Chromebooks are affordable, durable, and up-to-date with the newest cloud-based technology, and with Google pushing towards becoming an even more universal technology based company than it already is, Chromebooks will surely prove to be the way to go for education in the near future.

Useful Links for further information on Chromebooks:

Andover Innovation Lab Links:

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Eight Suggestions for Formative Projects / Zachary Griffin

     Now that we are on week 3 of the Andover Help Desk with our new students this semester, they are now preparing to enter Phase 2 of their progress. Phase 2 is where the students will be expected to have a design plan laid out, which will show us how they plan on getting what done and when, and several samples of their work from this point. Below is a list of eight suggestions on what they can be working on for their Phase 2 part of their project if it helps them:

Drafts: Drafts are a vital part of any project. Anything that a student has worked on that led them to where they are now is the essence how their project has progressed. While it is not required, a student at the Help Desk could gain a lot of support by looking at some of the resources they developed during their progress on their project.

Info Graphics: These will allow our students to create simple and informative graphics explaining what their outline of their projects are, as well as outlining the various different steps of Phase 2  A convenient and free site to do this is "".

Script and Storyboard: Mainly useful for students working on video projects, creating a short and informative video that explains your progress up to this point is a very efficient way to both show your work and explain where you progress is up to this point.

Videos: Creating video tutorials that showcase your work up to this point is a great way of showcasing your work up to this point. Often times, viewers may not understand what the students project is about and how it works, and creating a tutorial or lecture video on what it is the student is working on is a great way to explain to his/her viewers what they plan to accomplish at the Help Desk.

Tutorials: While creating a video is one of the more efficient ways of showing off a tutorial, creating graphics, charts or other types of forms can also prove to be a useful approach on teaching others about your work. By using Google Forms, a student could create a list of things to know about their project as well as some simple tutorials steps that will help viewers understand more about what they are writing about.

Content Outline: Students who are creating a website or online app may find this useful. By creating a simple form that lists all of your content alongside a sketch of how your project will look with it can help the students understand how they plan on putting forward their content. You can create a form using the Google Docs.

Blogs: While we are always putting out blogs from the students progress every two weeks at the Help Desk, some students may find it useful to create blogs as their way of explaining their progress. Writing up a simple doc telling us where they are and what they plan on doing will help them in many ways.

Location Map: Location maps are similar to info graphics in that they allow for the students to create an image showcasing what their goals are for their project. However, a location map acts more akin to a hierarchy chart which illustrates where and when a students plans on going forward with each part of a project.

While none of these suggestions are required by any of our students for phase 2, it will still prove to be useful if they are looking for an efficient way to present their work and progress up to this point.

Here are a few links to a few valuable sites that can assist students in processing their information: (Easelly is a useful site for trying to create info graphics.) (Create forms using Google Docs.) (A free to use program that allows you to record your PC and create a video)

Sara Adams Andover Innovation Lab Project: Cupcake Website

My name is Sara Adam and I am currently a senior in the Andover Help Desk/Innovation Lab. For my independent project, I will be creating a website for Beachside Bakers, my cupcake company. By the end of this semester, I hope to have a website up and running, where customers can order cupcakes online, as well
as learn about the business. Also, I hope to create a game where people can go on and design their own cupcake, and submit their designs. Each month, we will pick one winner who will win a free half dozen cupcakes with their new design on them.

  So far, I have begun to design a new logo. I have also been planning out the layout of the website and what pages I will have on the site.  The color scheme will be different shades of turquoise, to go along with the beach theme of the company. Although I have not begun actually creating the website yet, I am almost done planning and hope to begin with that soon. Overall, so far I have had a great experience with the Help Desk!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Crispins Wendells Andover Innovation Lab Project: Learning Java

My name is Crispin Wendell, and I'm a freshman.  I've been working at the help desk for about a week, learning Java with the goal that I might be able to design mobile apps.  I haven't helped any teachers yet, but
I have a good understanding of the way these old computers work from playing around with the laptop my parents let me keep in my room, which was made in around the same year.

I have been using online tutorials such as Eclipse to learn the language, mainly because the Android operating system only accepts applications written in Java.  As a simple project I hope to complete, I would like to make an Warriors Weekly app.  Basicaly, it is an app that has access to Warriors Weekly and is an altenative to following it on Twitter or having to visit the site, which can be tedious work if you are trying to search it on a smartphone.

Collin McDonnels Andover Innovation Lab Project: Creating A Website

My name is Colin; I have been working on W3 schools reading guides on HTML. I also read a guide on search engine optimization which was a PDF file from Google. I have enjoyed my time so far at the help
desk because I can work on what I want to work on and am not rushed. I am also given choices on what I want to do with my time.

I will be making a website using HTML and will then use SEO techniques to rank it. I have been planning what to do the website about and how I will implement SEO on it. I still need to plan and learn further before I am capable of completing my goal. The finished product will hopefully be done by the end of the year, which will consist of a website and SEO. 

Peter Bantas Andover Innovation Lab Project: Aircraft Model

My name is Peter Banta, a Junior working at the AHS help desk. These past couple of weeks I have been working with a program called Autodesk Maya 2011. This is a 3D modeling and animating software that I have used a couple of times over the past 3 summers. I really have enjoyed my time in the Help desk, but have yet to

go out on any technology related problems around the school. I think that that would be very informative as to what extent technology is used in our school. I know that most (if not all) rooms in the school have a projector/smart board now. So if we aren't really using those devices correctly it would seem like a waste.

The project that I would like to make with Maya would be a combination of modeling and animating. Currently, I have been working on a spaceship that I found pictures of online. It is a model from a game called Star-citizen that I thought looked really cool. Hopefully, based on the level of difficulty that it takes to complete this project, I would either do a higher difficulty model for a final project. Or, if the model I'm currently working on proves to take a good amount of time, I would make that my final project. I think it would involve both new and old skills learned to complete these projects, so it would be a great final project. Overall, the Help Desk is looking like a worthwhile investment of my time, so I look forward to all the good times to come. 

Lee Lebensbaums Andover Innovation Lab Project: Google Docs For Education

My name is Lee Lebensbaum, a sophomore, and I've been working hard (or hardly working) at the Andover Innovation Lab. We've helped one teacher thus far, with her projector trouble, and that was quite rewarding. I've been trying to figure out a way that teachers and students can utilize Google's apps, such as Google

Hangouts and Google+, to interact with students and make teaching more engaging. Instead of using Edmodo, which makes it tedious to interact with other students and teachers, Google+ has Google Hangouts, which allows for chatting with fellow students or one's teacher. The teacher can open a Google Page or a Google Community and post homework on there. Google Docs and Google Drive can be used for group projects and submitted via emailing to the teacher via Gmail or posting it on the Google Group. The possibilities of using Google for education are infinite.

This has been a short five classes, and with Taha by my side, the ninety minutes go by even quicker. On the rare occasion, Taha and I diverge from our main priority and check out some random site relating to cats and the like, but overall, we are very productive. Sometimes, I feel jealous that his project actually requires a lot of technical skill, but I feel like my project does has some significance (I'm not saying his doesn't, he's trying to reinvent how students take notes). Together, we are reinventing the way teaching and learning is done.

Parth Valechas Andover Innovation Lab Project: Headphones Business Development

My name is Parth Valecha, a sophomore at the Innovation Help Desk. I've always loved listening to music and I always have a pair of headphones on me. I love headphones the same way some people love cars, or shoes. Even though I only have one pair, I'm always on the internet looking at new headphones from my favorite companies. I always want to listen to music, especially during rowing practice. I love rowing and
having some pump up dubstep helps so much. But the problem is carrying a phone and headphones with a cord is not only restrictive, its also dangerous. So because of my love for headphones and rowing, I aim to design headphones that I can row, run, swim, ad workout with without any problem. My solution is to have high performance and high stability headphones with a mp3 player inside it. I can play music straight from my headphones so a phone and wire is not necessary. It will be designed to provide complete comfort, and be exremely reliable at the same time. This way I can row while listening to my pump up music.

During the help desk, I have been researching marketing and product development information. I plan to soon develop a basic business plan on my idea. Im able to stay focused furing the help desk. Although I am not always extremely productive, I am able to get work done and go farther with my idea than I normally would with the help desk. It is really helpful, and without it I would never even think of writing a business plan on the idea already. Hopefully I can get my thought out on paper and show everyone the product I envision.

Ben Hunts Andover Innovation Lab Project: Creating a Website

My name is Ben Hunt. I am a junior at Andover High School, and I'm really optimistic for the opportunities I will have with this class. My initial hope was to create some sort of project which would involve computer
science and graphic design. These were two classes I took last semester that I enjoyed. My goal was to create a project that would expand my knowledge in these fields and enjoy what I am doing.

I believe my plan is to create a website for a game. I hope that I can program this website as well as a game that I can put on the website. This seems like the best solution to hitting both of my fields of interest. Although I have taken similar classes, this will be a new experience for me. There will be a lot of research to be done before I begin the actual work. Despite the potential difficulties, I am very excited for this project.

Instructional Technology At Andover High School Week of February 3rd -February 7th 2014 -Daniel Downs

I had the opportunity this week to meet with Anil Navkal from Solarize Andover to discuss how the help desk can support his website and social media campaign to help bring awareness to Andover residents the great benefits of solar power. A student in Andover Innovation Lab will be taking ove rthe Twitter account set up and editing of his website. There is also a current program within the Art program in the Andover Public Schools to help create some student artwork related to bringing awareness to solar power in Andover. We look forward to developing this relationship at the Innovation Lab and partnering with outside organizations.

On Friday I was able to participate in a software/hardware training with EMI in the Foreign Language Lab at Andover High School. EMI sent their trainer Josh Martin to display the use of the Sanako Language software in the Foreign Language lab. I was able to participate with Tom Powers Spanish Teacher at the High School and Dr.Jorge Allen the Program Advisor for Foreign Language.

This software helps prepare students for the AP Exams in their chosen language. The software engages students in continuous practice and repetition with dialogue lessons which the teacher can track over time. This is a great resource for the language department and enables a level of fluency development which is just not possible in the traditional classroom.
On the left is a photo of the interface doing student voice analysis.


The lab also has the capability to act as a server for department
resources. What this means is documents and files saved onto this space can be accessed by any teacher in the department from their Macbook. I am currently writing the tutorial document to assist teachers to connecting with this resource so they can collaborate and share collections. This space provides a unique space for students to immerse in language study.



In the Social Studies Department I had the pleasure of working with the teachers to
introduce a shared Wikispace for collaborating with shared resources and links from course content. I will continue to work with them at their next department meeting and go over some of the benefits and features of their chose platform.

The new students who are part of the Andover innovation Lab this semester have posted their profiles to our blog. We like to provide students and opportunity to share what is special to them and why they wanted an opportunity to learn more about a specific area of technology. Check them out to learn more about their interests and projects. The students have also begun their first weeks of work in the Innovation Lab/Help Desk and have posted their progress as well. 
Check these profiles out at this link!

Digital Learning Day was Wedneday! Even though it was a snow day in Andover and many other places WGBH Education Sponsored prize pack giveaway for teachers who went on the WGBH Education Page and commented on lesson resources from PBS-Click Here to see the lessons and resources available from PBS!

Well that is the instructional technology update from a great week at Andover High School!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ian Macgregors Andover Innovation Lab Project: Maya Development

My name is Ian Macgregor and I'm a junior working at the help desk. For the past two weeks I've been working with Peter on 3D modeling in the program Maya. I began modeling three years ago, but then dropped it for a

while. I started getting back into it this summer and have been focused on relearning all the tools and such. I've
only been here for four classes so far, but the time has really gone by quickly. We haven't had to work on any tech problems yet, but I'm kind of looking forward to helping people if I can.

Right now my current project is pretty simple. To get back into Maya I'm making a model of a robot, which I'll rig and animate later. I'm doing this to try and branch out a little from where I left off last year, as drawing or modeling humanoids has never been my strong point and I never got around to learning rigging. Like I said I've only been here for a few classes, but so far I've made a fair amount of progress on the torso and started shaping the head, which you can see in the attached picture.

Taha Vasowallas Andover Innovation Lab Project: Aquanotes Development

My name is Taha Vasowalla and I am currently part of the Andover Innovation Lab. So far, I have been working on a project called Aquanotes that my friend and  I started a little while ago. Basically, it is a program for organizing and keeping track of notes. By making note-taking easier and more visually appealing
as well as making it accessible from the web, note-taking should become more streamlined and more efficient overall. There are many bugs in the program and new ones always pop up whenever I add a new feature so it looks like it might take a while to get a fully working prototype up and running. The deadline that I have set for a fully-functioning prototype is the end of this school year.

After the prototype is done, we plan to have beta testers find any bugs or features that we might have missed and then build on to Aquanotes as we go on.

Student Profiles For The Help Desk-Spring Semester 2014

Name: Taha Vasowalla
"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” ~ Socrates
Year in School: Sophomore
Programming, Origami, Music, Science, Video Games
Why I joined the Andover Help Desk:
To be able to work more on Aquanotes and expand my programming skills
How I use technology in my free time:
I code, play video games, and make my math classes easier with programs on my calculator.
Programming Languages: Javascript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Visual Basic, TI Basic
My work:,
My other profiles:
Name: Maxwell Dowe
Year In School: 12
Electronic music production, DJing, film review, hiking, skiing, reading,
Why I Joined The Help Desk:
I joined the help desk to create a music sharing/analysis blog to act mainly as a portfolio. I plan to use my blog to have something to show other music sharing/analysis blogs my writing ability.
How I Use Technology In My Free Time:
I use technology in my free time for a multitude of purposes. I use it to research and read about a multitude of topics ranging from (for example) sound engineering theory to Buddhist philosophy. I use it to produce original music and to operate my djing equipment.
My Work:
My Other Media Profiles:
Name: Nick Wackowski
Year In School: Junior
I love playing video games, mostly on my computer. I mostly play Indie and retro games, though I’ve been playing a lot of Just Cause 2, lately.
I started learning to play the piano a year ago. I’m not very good, but I enjoy it.
Why I Joined The Help Desk:
I had an extra Study block, and I thought it would be interesting to use it to work on my own projects. I enjoy programming and computers, so I figured that this would be a good chance to work more with them.
How I Use Technology In My Free Time:
I mostly use my computer to play video games and, as the older folks might say, ‘various shenanigans’. I recently made an account for, which has been taking up a lot of my time.
My Work:
I went to an IDtech camp over the summer, where I made my first real game (a text-based pick-your-path adventure game). I also learned to use Hammer level editor. More recently, I've been experimenting with RPG Maker 2003, in hopes of making my own Chrono Trigger-style JRPG.
My Other Media Profiles:
My Steam name is ‘Scythe’ (though I’m considering changing it). I also use Gmail and YouTube frequently. I have a Facebook, but as of now, I hardly ever use it.

Name: Ben Hunt
Year in School: Junior
I’d say I’m a big sports guy. I play hockey and soccer. I’m a fan of the Patriots, Celtics and especially the Bruins.
Why I Joined The Help Desk:
Technology is all around us. Before this class, I've taken computer science, graphic design, and I’m currently taking engineering. With every technology class I take, I see more and more of how present it is, and how significant it will be in the future. Having technology is great, but as I take more and more classes, I've gained interest for how everything works, and creating technology myself.
How I Use Technology In My Free Time:
I love playing NHL 14 on the PS3. I have my favorite songs, and apps on my iPod touch. I can also talk to my friends, or play other games on Facebook or other websites.
My Work:
I haven’t done much work with technology myself, but I really liked my graphic design and computer science classes. With graphic design, I've created logos, fake businesses and products, and using Photoshop and other programs. With my computer science classes, I've created GUI programs, debt programs, and further understood how technology gives and receives instructions.
Graphic Design Project:

Name: Parth Valecha

Year In School: Sophomore

Some hobbies of mine are rowing, listening to music, joining entrepreneurship clubs, and watching the stock market.

Why I Joined The Help Desk:
I want to experience the freedom, and all other components of being an entrepreneur. I also have an idea I want to work on and make a business plan on.

How I Use Technology In My Free Time:
I play video games on my Xbox a lot. I also play on my phone during math class. I’m not so interested in computers and programming as I am in making headphones, cars, or just another non-software product. I am always listening to music so I like to work with headphones.

My Work:
I don’t really have a job but I take honors classes. I also take enriched math. I prefer to do my own thing than work for someone else so instead of having a working job I sort of just research companies and add to the business I hope to make.

My Other Media Profiles: 
I have a facebook that I sometimes use. I rarely use my twitter or Instagram.

Name: Katherine O’Kelly

Year In School: Senior

  If there’s one word to describe my hobbies it’s eclectic; my resume of activities looks like a smorgasbord of unlikely juxtapositions, which reflects my affection for exploration. I guess you could say that my most consistent hobby is finding new hobbies. I have always enjoyed experimenting in different mediums or methods used to create and display ideological perspectives, which has led me to try pretty much everything from glassblowing to data analysis. Other than that, my  favorite hobbies include sleeping (ah, the fruitless pursuit of 8 hours a night) and traveling at every opportunity possible.

Why I Joined The Help Desk:
   I joined the help desk because I lack the expertise needed to really capitalize on the opportunities presented by the technology available today; in short, I’m depressingly technologically illiterate, and this pre-college time frame is an ideal chance to fix that. In taking this class, I’m hoping to learn a technological skill set (past your standard Google search) that will help further my endeavors going forward from high school.

How I Use Technology In My Free Time:
  What free time? Though I try to keep myself busy as often as I can, I've made an effort to integrate the effective use of technology into my everyday life, through tools such as Evernote, Office 365 and an increasing reliance upon my Windows Phone (which isn't as hipster as it sounds, I swear). On the rare occasion I DO have free time, I use technology as a digital museum of sorts, sifting through the internet to marvel at new artistic pieces, info graphics, music, and news—any sources of inspiration that could influence my next project.

My Other Media Profiles:
  None, yet; I don’t really make enough work in one particular subject area to maintain and upkeep a quality, content producing profile of any kind. Who knows, though—maybe if I ever settle upon a particular field I’ll start a blog or something.
Name: Lee Lebensbaum

Year In School: Sophomore

Quote: "My past is like my logic, straight and true. Nothing’s changed. All I did was point the finger of justice in the proper direction." - Phoenix Wright (Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney)

Hobbies: Sleeping, video games, watching anime, reading manga, Pokémon, solving my computer problems with Taha, and cats, especially mine. My cat is the cutest cat, ever.

Why I Joined The Help Desk: Because I wanted to learn more about technology and its applications outside of gaming.

How I Use Technology In My Free Time: Video games and using my laptop for internet and playing... definitely legal video games that I downloaded for free.

My Work: Managing a page on Google+ (Daily Hetalia, you should follow it and give us +1s, not shameless advertising)

My Other Media Profiles:


Name: Peter Banta

Year In School: Junior (11th)

I enjoy doing track, basketball, and soccer. I also play a game called League of Legends with my friends pretty much every weekend because we all like it.

Why I Joined The Help Desk:
I wanted to practice using Maya 3D software because that is what I want to major in when I go to college.

How I Use Technology In My Free Time:
I usually only use my computer for playing video games and doing homework, and I don’t really use my phone that much.

My Work:
 I don’t have a job currently, but in the summer I might be working for Northrop Grumman with a family friend.

My Other Media Profiles:
 I have a Facebook which I use every day, but that is it.


Name: Ian Macgregor

Year in School: 11th

 I run track, read, play the piano, and do some drawing every now and then.

Why I Joined the Help Desk: 
I had a study I didn’t really need and wanted to get back into Maya, so being able to work on it during school seemed perfect.

How I Use Technology In My Free Time:
I use my computer for video games, music, communicating with friends, and looking up random things I’m curious about. I also have my phone, which I use when I’m bored or when I need to find out about something.

My Work: 
I don’t have a job right now, but during the summer I work as an aide at Kaleidoscope.

My Other Media Profiles: 
Facebook and Gmail are the only ones I really use.


Name: Sara Adam
Year In School: Senior
I love baking. In July of 2010, my older sister and I started our own cupcake business called Beachside Bakers. Together we bake for private events, as well as teach cupcake decorating classes for young bakers in Andover. In the summer, we sell our cupcakes at a farmers market in Gloucester, MA. Also, I am a very crafty person and love making all different types of things from glitter covered mason jars, to shorts made from vintage jeans. I also row for Greater Lawrence Rowing, and love volunteering around the Andover community as a member of my church youth group.
Why I Joined The Help Desk:
 I joined the Help Desk because I wanted to learn how to create a website for Beachside Bakers. I already have ideas for how I want the layout to be, the color scheme, etc., but I was not sure how to begin. In college, I hope to major in Information Science and hopefully this Help Desk experience will help me be more successful in my career.
How I Use Technology In My Free Time: 
In my free time, I am actively involved on social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and my favorite of all, Pinterest. I also have accounts on these sites for Beachside Bakers, and am constantly baking and updating these sites for our followers. 
My Work: 
I designed the posters for the ACE Festival of Scarecrows this past fall, and I am now working on creating a new logo for the cupcake business.

Name:  Crispin Wendell
Year In School:  9th Grade

Skiing, fencing, computer programming, games

Why I Joined The Help Desk:
I wanted to learn Java

How I Use Technology In My Free Time:
Games, social networking, computer programming,

My Work:

My Other Media Profiles:

Facebook, Twitter Snap chat, Instagram, Vine