Saturday, February 8, 2014

Crispins Wendells Andover Innovation Lab Project: Learning Java

My name is Crispin Wendell, and I'm a freshman.  I've been working at the help desk for about a week, learning Java with the goal that I might be able to design mobile apps.  I haven't helped any teachers yet, but
I have a good understanding of the way these old computers work from playing around with the laptop my parents let me keep in my room, which was made in around the same year.

I have been using online tutorials such as Eclipse to learn the language, mainly because the Android operating system only accepts applications written in Java.  As a simple project I hope to complete, I would like to make an Warriors Weekly app.  Basicaly, it is an app that has access to Warriors Weekly and is an altenative to following it on Twitter or having to visit the site, which can be tedious work if you are trying to search it on a smartphone.