Saturday, February 8, 2014

Peter Bantas Andover Innovation Lab Project: Aircraft Model

My name is Peter Banta, a Junior working at the AHS help desk. These past couple of weeks I have been working with a program called Autodesk Maya 2011. This is a 3D modeling and animating software that I have used a couple of times over the past 3 summers. I really have enjoyed my time in the Help desk, but have yet to

go out on any technology related problems around the school. I think that that would be very informative as to what extent technology is used in our school. I know that most (if not all) rooms in the school have a projector/smart board now. So if we aren't really using those devices correctly it would seem like a waste.

The project that I would like to make with Maya would be a combination of modeling and animating. Currently, I have been working on a spaceship that I found pictures of online. It is a model from a game called Star-citizen that I thought looked really cool. Hopefully, based on the level of difficulty that it takes to complete this project, I would either do a higher difficulty model for a final project. Or, if the model I'm currently working on proves to take a good amount of time, I would make that my final project. I think it would involve both new and old skills learned to complete these projects, so it would be a great final project. Overall, the Help Desk is looking like a worthwhile investment of my time, so I look forward to all the good times to come.