Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ari Blog Post Week 1

My name is Ari, and I am interested primarily in computers, books, and games. I joined the Help Desk because I like computers, and was hoping to learn more about them. I think a career in computer science sounds fun, and it is a field with many job openings and decent-to-good pay. I was also hoping to meet people with similar interests to me.

So, far I have looked up some Java tutorials (for later) and started on a screencast that will ideally help teachers use the Turn It In software.

Once I finish, I plan on going back to the Java tutorials and doing my best to learn to code. I haven’t yet decided on my personal project, but I’m eager to explore the possibilities.

When I was looking at the Turn It In software tutorials, I was thinking of ways to condense the information to make it easier to digest. To be fair, though, the user interface already had all the buttons clearly labeled and seemed very transparent. I hope my screencast will help teachers learn to use Turn It In, as I thought it was a cool program which will hopefully make digital assignments much easier to manage than paper assignments.