Friday, December 20, 2013

Why Minecraft is Useful for Teachers and Students / Viabhav

I had a lot of fun this month working with the new crew at the Andover Help Desk. Since the new Intern, Zachary, came in to provide a helping hand to Mr. Downs, things have been able to progress a lot more smoothly. The calls for help by teachers were decreasing this month, which is understandable due to the upcoming vacation. I started working on a few projects this month, teaching Mr. Downs Minecraft (he failed at it), making videos that explain why Minecraft is a good teaching tool, and brainstorming down ideas for my final project, which is going to be about developing a Minecraft mod, how much time it takes, and tutorials of a few codes that can help along the way. I think my project will inspire people to use Minecraft as a unique method of understanding design like it did for me.

My projects are mainly focused on Minecraft as I believe Minecraft gives people the potential to do anything. Minecraft has inspired people to learn about animations, coding, music, and even starting a business. Minecraft is not just a game but a huge learning tool for anyone with the passion to further their goals. Minecraft has changed many lives, including mine. I would've never known how to code or animate if I hadn't played Minecraft.