Friday, December 20, 2013

Wiki Spaces Presentation at Wheelock College TSTT Conference

     It has been nearly a month when I began my first day at Andover High, and as I look forward to my two week break, I reflect on the time I spent working with Dan and the students on developing professional portfolio pieces in the field of technology. Between the flexible schedules, the presentation at Wheelock College, and the comfortable environment I work in, I can safely say I will not shudder the end of my two week break when the time comes. 

    As of right now, all three of our students will be developing their final projects over both the vacation and the first two weeks after they come back before the next semester. Eli is working on his app for the Android which he is moving on heavily, Viabav is continuing his progress on his Minecraft videos, and John is furthering his skills in code. With all of our students currently focused with interest on their projects, I am confident that they will work hard on their projects during their vacation.

     Here is a link to the program TSTT in Wheelock College, Boston. there I presented the importance of Google Doc's and how students can use them in a professional environment.