Thursday, October 22, 2015

Re-thinking and Re-imagining

Will Owen

Over the past week or two I have restructured my expectations on what can be possible to do in the time I have in this class. As I think I mentioned in my last post Unity engine will take far too ling to educate myself on. I believe I also mentioned that I wanted to rework or do a different MUGEN. Yes I did do the same thing last year, but as I look back on my previous project I noticed, yes it came out good and I was happy with it but there is so much more that I can do with this software. With a newly thought out fighting engine that I intend to build from scratch, I hope to make something completely different (mechanic wise) than what I previously created.

I have plenty of ideas and I hope I will be able to include all of them in this new project. Along with a redesign that is from scratch I want to change some of the processes I went through with the first project. I will review and address what needs to be smoothed and apply that to this new project. I have already started creating some the engine and when I get a bit bored of that, I work on some of the particle effects that will be shown in the game. The process is slow but necessary to make it all come together in the end.

There is still a lot I need to look over if I want this to be an improvement, but as of now it looks like everything is going well.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Platforming with Pixi

I decided to create a 2d platformer, and I'll probably use pixi.js in order to create it. My main mechanic will be a rope that you can use to swing across platforms like in the old SNES game Pac-In-Time. This mechanic is also in the popular new game Speedrunners. I think this mechanic is pretty cool, and if I can design levels that work with this mechanic I'll include it. I was thinking about using the physics engine p2.js, but I decided against it because I don't really understand how to use it. I may not include the mechanic and make the game similar to a difficult, classic platformer like Super Meat Boy.

Will Owen

I came to this class with the idea of doing a project using the oculus rift hardware. After doing some research I found out that the laptop I bring in each day for the class would not be powerful enough to run the virtual reality headset. After this realization, I tried to find a new project to work on while in the innovation lab. I decided to stick to the engine that I was going to use for the  oculus project known as Unity but instead learn that and develop something inside of the program. After learning the basics of the program I realized how much I would need to do just to get started making simple program. After once again doing some research I realized just ho much time I would have to spend just learning everything I would need to. The time required exceeds far beyond the amount of time I have in the class and so I am once again left looking for a new project idea.

I have some ideas in mind. Do to the success I had last year in the MUGEN software I have been thinking about taking what I know and improving upon that to make an even better game. If I do go down that route then I would probably create a new game engine from scratch to develop a different kind of fighter.

I had quite a lot of success and fun developing the game last year so it might be worth taking another look into it and making some big changes or more likely a completely new game.

A picture from last years development of my game:

Project Update: Lake Yin

So, for my project, I was doing a website. This website was going to provide advice and tips to students of Andover High School. I'm building it using HTML/CSS and maybe some JavaScript, if I can figure it out. I'm going to try to program in Sublime Text 2 as my primary editor. So far, I have a main CSS file set up, an entry page, and a home page. I have started work on my individual tip pages. After I finish the pages, I'll have to tidy up all of the pages to make it look professional. I'll also have to find web hosting for the actual website.

Taha Vasowalla - Project Update

The project I am working on is a delayed challenge/answer website. A user can post a challenge with an answer that appears after a specified delay. Resources such as images and links can be attached to the challenge. I am planning on making this using Meteor, a full-stack Javascript framework, that handles server side code as well as client code.

The web app will be deployed to the web and will be responsive to be available on all device sizes. I will likely use Foundation for the UI mainly because I haven't used it before and I would like to learn it for future reference.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Project Update

Originally I was going to work on developing a Microsoft SharePoint Site for my dad's company, but I recently started working with Python and I enjoyed coding with it. It was a pretty simple language to start with, but I'm guessing it gets more complex just as any language does with time. I have quite a bit of background knowledge with Java and since Python is partly Java based it was easier to understand and I was able to learn the basics a bit quicker. Python is a widely used language that is used to create a plethora of applications and I think that it would be something great to learn for this class and for the future in general.

There are quite a few things that I would be able to accomplish in this class with Python. To start I want to master the basics and really just get comfortable with the language as a whole. I will be using Codecademy to learn the basics and then  I will get a book or two to learn some more of the advanced features that Python has to offer. There are a number of programs I can create using Python, but until I get a better understanding of the language as a whole, I won't be able to decide on a specific application to create.