Monday, October 5, 2015

Will Owen

I came to this class with the idea of doing a project using the oculus rift hardware. After doing some research I found out that the laptop I bring in each day for the class would not be powerful enough to run the virtual reality headset. After this realization, I tried to find a new project to work on while in the innovation lab. I decided to stick to the engine that I was going to use for the  oculus project known as Unity but instead learn that and develop something inside of the program. After learning the basics of the program I realized how much I would need to do just to get started making simple program. After once again doing some research I realized just ho much time I would have to spend just learning everything I would need to. The time required exceeds far beyond the amount of time I have in the class and so I am once again left looking for a new project idea.

I have some ideas in mind. Do to the success I had last year in the MUGEN software I have been thinking about taking what I know and improving upon that to make an even better game. If I do go down that route then I would probably create a new game engine from scratch to develop a different kind of fighter.

I had quite a lot of success and fun developing the game last year so it might be worth taking another look into it and making some big changes or more likely a completely new game.

A picture from last years development of my game: