Thursday, October 22, 2015

Re-thinking and Re-imagining

Will Owen

Over the past week or two I have restructured my expectations on what can be possible to do in the time I have in this class. As I think I mentioned in my last post Unity engine will take far too ling to educate myself on. I believe I also mentioned that I wanted to rework or do a different MUGEN. Yes I did do the same thing last year, but as I look back on my previous project I noticed, yes it came out good and I was happy with it but there is so much more that I can do with this software. With a newly thought out fighting engine that I intend to build from scratch, I hope to make something completely different (mechanic wise) than what I previously created.

I have plenty of ideas and I hope I will be able to include all of them in this new project. Along with a redesign that is from scratch I want to change some of the processes I went through with the first project. I will review and address what needs to be smoothed and apply that to this new project. I have already started creating some the engine and when I get a bit bored of that, I work on some of the particle effects that will be shown in the game. The process is slow but necessary to make it all come together in the end.

There is still a lot I need to look over if I want this to be an improvement, but as of now it looks like everything is going well.