Thursday, October 1, 2015

Project Update

Originally I was going to work on developing a Microsoft SharePoint Site for my dad's company, but I recently started working with Python and I enjoyed coding with it. It was a pretty simple language to start with, but I'm guessing it gets more complex just as any language does with time. I have quite a bit of background knowledge with Java and since Python is partly Java based it was easier to understand and I was able to learn the basics a bit quicker. Python is a widely used language that is used to create a plethora of applications and I think that it would be something great to learn for this class and for the future in general.

There are quite a few things that I would be able to accomplish in this class with Python. To start I want to master the basics and really just get comfortable with the language as a whole. I will be using Codecademy to learn the basics and then  I will get a book or two to learn some more of the advanced features that Python has to offer. There are a number of programs I can create using Python, but until I get a better understanding of the language as a whole, I won't be able to decide on a specific application to create.