Friday, October 3, 2014

Hi there!  It's Adam again.  Over the past couple weeks at the Innovation Lab, I have been working on my long term project.  My project (you may remember it from my first entry) consists of recording and interpreting/analyzing fantasy sports stats.  So far, I have been recording the stats of the best 5 best players/defenses of each position (e.g. quarterbacks, running backs, Seattle Seahawk's defense) for the Fantasy Football team as well as a 6th player which I labeled as "On Deck" as they may surpass one of the people in the Top 5.  Once the basketball season starts however, I will be switching my focus to Fantasy Basketball as I have a greater interest in basketball than football.  My vision for this project is to master the Microsoft Excel software as well as try and become a proficient user of a statistical software.  I am still on the lookout for the statistics software.  Every month I will try and release a "Roster of the Month" and by the end of the year, I will release multiple "Ultimate Teams" based on trends found in the statistical data.  For example, I may have "late season bloomers" or "most consistent" teams. All of these will be based on the fantasy points that the players collect throughout the season.  Hopefully my statistical software can help me accomplish this.

"Why did he choose to do something related to statistics?" you might ask.  Currently, I am taking AP Statistics and, although it is easy now, I expect it to become significantly more difficult.  With a real set of data to work with in this class, I had hoped that it would help me understand statistics better along with unlocking new resources that I may be able to use.  And what better way to accomplish this than with relating it to one of my favorite things in the world: sports. It makes it enjoyable and makes for a very realistic example.  Killing 2 birds with one stone here.

In other news and probably to the discontent of Mr. Downs and Mr. Brennan, I have been working on my Eagle Project along with other homework and my Common Application.  Being a senior, time is tight and I have many things to do.  This class gives me a great opportunity to accomplish multiple things.