Sunday, October 5, 2014

A journey through code

At the moment, I have installed Android Studio and I am ready to begin my first app tutorial. Instead of trying to come up with my own app, I have decided to follow the tutorial the Android provides for building a beginner app. The major step I need to take is to learn Java. Luckily Ari has downloaded some Java books so I can learn with him. I think that learning in a pair will be easier for me so that should be fun. So I will also need to find a few Java tutorials. I can work on coding at home so that leaves class time for programming.   By the end of this semester I would like to be able to program with Java and have completed my first app.
For this week I have already looked at the setup for Android studio and played around with it for a few days. I have not learned how it works yet but I am getting close. This tutorial will help me because I have wanted to learn how to code for a while, and this is the perfect opportunity.  To further my experience in this process I will write a daily journal about my experience and what I did that day. I will also include screenshots for each day.