Thursday, October 16, 2014

Broken MUGEN pulls ahead

 In the past few days I have made a significant amount of progress on my final project. It looks like an entirely new game at this stage. My first and biggest accomplishment is the fact that I have made controller support for my game. This doesn't seem as big as some of the other aspects I have added but it makes the game much more easy to play. I have set it up to work with two player mode if a second controller plugs in. Another point I think is important to touch on is a new piece of software I am using. The software is called Fighter Factory. This program lets me organize the code and constants and also allows me to edit the sprites. Through this software I was also able to create the hit boxes and apply the engine to the characters that I have added to my game. This is where I have been doing most of the work for the game as of now.

In other news I have added alot of other pieces to this project. To list a few I have accomplished adding a new main menu and intro screen, put a new character select screen into the game, changed alot of the sound files, added approximately 9 characters to the roster, and also did some general tweaks to the overall game. In the future I would like to balance and add new characters and hopefully create an arcade mode with working AI.