Thursday, October 30, 2014

The rock paper scissors shows promise

     Since my last post, I have worked on finishing the functions section of my codecademy project. I have successfully completed this course, and honestly i fell tht it has benefited me very much in the sense that it has taught me how to perfect my syntax and to not repeat large amounts of code. I feel this will help when it comes to programming with Android Studio because i think tat there will be many strings of code that i have to repeat, and by using functions it will considerably lessen my workload. As a result it will free me up to have more innovative ideas for a project. Overall I really liked this section as it was very easy to learn and it was very comprehensive. I think that the creator of codecademy was really helpful with his hints in scenarios that were a little more confusing to figure out.

     As a final test of this course, it made me create a rock paper scissors game using my previous knowledge and functions. Basically the trick was to make one big function and include many little if else statements. As a result you make several scenarios with several outcomes, and based on the outcome the computer chooses the winner. When i finished the project I felt really happy, and this felling will help me in the future. As I finished the course i felt a sense of accomplishment and this is what will help drive me into further accomplishment. Overall i fell like i am making good progress on this project and i am enjoying
it very much.