Thursday, October 16, 2014

My Journey Through the Languages of Code

For my first formative project, I have been using the website to learn how to code in the language JavaScript. This part of my project does not have a physical result when I finish. With this website I am hoping to create a basis for my overall project. Since Android studio already assumes that you know how to code, I need to learn before I start programming. Android Studio uses only Java to code, so I am using JavaScript as a start to speed up the process with Java. I will be learning Functions, For Loops While loops, and depending on how comfortable I am I may learn Control Flow. After I complete these courses on, I will then learn Java. Since I should know JavaScript by then, the Java courses should not take so long.

                This part of my overall project does not necessarily produce a product; instead it helps me in my long term goal. I easily could have started with learning how to code in only in Java, but I felt that having a basis in JavaScript will help me not only to code in Java later on, but it will also help me code in different languages in the future as well. JavaScript has a short-term setback because it takes time away from my programming experience, but overall I feel as if this is the best option I have available.