Thursday, October 30, 2014

MassCUE and switching projects

Last week was MassCUE. Ari, Bryce, Will, and I had a lot of fun at MassCUE. We got a lot of free swag, and we got to see a ton of cool vendors. Ari's post on it really described what we did, check it out if you are curious about the details.

In other news, I decided to completely scrap the RPN project. I was really unmotivated and I didn't get anything done since my last post. I decided to work on an overall improvement of my website, my website . I made a giant to do list of things to work on for the site, so I won't be bored with this project. For some reason, the site doesn't work on non-Blink browsers. It could be a problem with how I'm using the polyfill. I also want to make a version of my stocks experiment using core-ajax because I will be presenting how to use core-ajax at a conference.