Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Design Thinking for Education

The process I will be using for this project is the Design Thinking for Education. This process applies discovery, interpretation, ideation, experimentation, and evolution. This is the best process for my project because I am working with fashion trends. Discovery is my first step because I have to first experience the fashion trends, and then must gather my thoughts and opinions on them. And once I’ve completed those two steps, I can make a list of what I want to include in my website and on my blog. By taking those trends and my opinions, I can make a video and this will be extremely helpful; giving me feedback with the amount of views I get, and if the videos are relatable enough for the viewers. And once I gather the feedback, I can change or keep parts of my project.This will make my project strong, interesting, and captivate my views.
I also feel that the Design Thinking for Education is perfect for high school classrooms because it gives the students an opportunity to give feedback to their teachers. It gives them a little more power to how they learn and if the way of learning is helpful.
Experimentation and Evolution are the most essential components of this process. These processes give the most helpful feedback and gives the teacher or creator of project the space to make their own changes and add on’s.
This process can be apart of my future work environments because it allows everyone in the work environment to have a voice and apply their opinions and their views.