Monday, April 6, 2015

Lauren's Project

I am currently creating and organizing my website. I watched this tutorial video on how to make basic edits on my website because I am not familiar with google sites nor website making. I also viewed a fashion website that provided 5 helpful tips to creating your own fashion website. It said what to do, how to make it unique to your style, and how to organize it and captivate your viewers.
After watching the videos and viewing websites, I am working on the layout of the website. I am working on making the website as neat and easy to use as possible. My theme for the website is white and plain, and with that I am adding pictures to make them pop. This will draw the attention of the viewer to bright and popping sections, pictures, and videos. 
After I finalize my website, I will embed my blog URL and will post my first post explaining what this website is and how it may help my viewers. I will also upload my first video. I might upload the video to the website, but I will be using the blogger as a my journal for fashion trends I see and like. I’m going to make my first video on what to wear for this warm, but still cold weather. I think this idea is perfect for the first video because its easy for the viewers to connect with and I think it will give off my sense of style and what I am like. ←- 5 important and helpful tips when creating a fashion websites, whats in and what is too mainstream (website I viewed)