Tuesday, April 14, 2015

About me Arthur Yee

Hi! I am Arthur Yee. I’m a junior, and I am not very well-versed with technology. I barely know how to make a website, and Intro to Java hasn’t really begun to ramp up yet, so I am rather behind some of my peers for example Noah, Ian, Dan, Ari, Eli, Taha, and the like. I don’t play video games, pretty hard to believe right? I like the outdoors, science, and just about anything related to the military. Today’s generation is super advanced technology-wise, but I think this luxury of instant virtual gratification is taking us too far from the basics. What happens when the power goes out? Will people still know how to get things done without power, like they did way back when?

So about my project. I will be conducting research, using my own (rather limited) expertise, and factoring in any preexisting biases I have in order to outfit the entirety of the armed forces of a currently undecided country. Now if this country were rich then my project would be too easy. Thus I will be choosing a third-world country with a somewhat low average GDP, little military expenditure, and few domestic resources. I will have to take into account cost, capability, availability, and simplicity of the equipment; terrain and climate to distribute this equipment for maximum effectiveness; and ability to support, maintain, and resupply units using this hardware. In short, I will be getting the most bang for the buck.

Individual equipment will consist of: uniforms, small arms, communications equipment, load bearing equipment, rucks, body armor, and protective wear.
Wheeled vehicles will consist of: light and medium utility vehicles, cargo trucks, up-armored vehicles, and light armored vehicles.
Tracked vehicles will consist of: armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, light tanks, main battle tanks, and self-propelled guns.
Fixed position equipment will consist of: crew-served weapons, artillery pieces, radar,

No, I am not a crazed warmonger or an expert in the field of logistics by any means; I do not advocate for death at all, and I should not be consulted as an authority on how to go about doing so. This is just a thought experiment regarding the improvement and upkeep of a certain part of a country’s infrastructure that I am deeply interested in. Other than that I hope my project isn’t too simple, and if it turns out to be then I will add some stipulations along the way to create more challenges to overcome. Pretty much everyone else in this class is doing something with coding or programming, and I have been trying to figure that out myself, taking Web Design and Intro to Java. However at the moment I am still a novice and would not ever consider undertaking a project of that nature without the help of Mr. Messina or Mrs. DiBenedetto.

Well that’s all for now. I think I’ll get started now, and post more later on down the road.