Wednesday, April 8, 2015

About Me, 4 Questions - Noah Mezher

  1. Where do my interests lie with technology?
Mainly in programming, hardware, and networking. I took a Java class last semester so that helped with reinforcing my knowledge of the language. I also got recommended for AP Java from the teacher of that class so I will definitely take the course so I can go into college knowing about the code before I take any more classes about programming in college. For hardware, when I was at the robotics club I helped build the robots along with getting the technology working with them. I also built a computer out of a bunch of parts I ordered a few years ago. With networking I don’t know much about it but I hope I can take a few courses on it in college or through the web development class in this high school. It is definitely a field I am interested in learning about.Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 9.42.00 AM.png

Snippet of code from my final Java project

2.   What is it’s role in my life?

I spend most of my time either playing video games or on my computer. I’d say it plays a big part in my life since I am influenced by it all the time. Connecting with people through technology has given me the incentive to learn about how computers work, and has intrigued me ever since. I started playing video games at a very young age, along with working on computers, and have always been very eager to learn about them. My life basically revolves around technology.

3.   How much of a role will it play in my career choice?

I am looking to go for a Computer Science degree so it will almost encompass my whole college life. It is already impacting me in the classes I take in high school. As I said before, I have taken Computer Science and will take AP Computer Science, along with the follow up to the web design course next year, and I couldn't be more excited.

4.   What are my skills when it relates to technology?

Google. Seriously, people underutilize this search engine. I  know everything about computers and coding from almost exclusively looking it up on the internet. Whenever people have a question about technology or need my help I first go to Google to see if there is a guide to fix the problem they are having. Especially if an error code is given, then the troubleshooting gets really easy. I can do almost anything as long as there is a guide to it on the internet.

Google, the search engine that I use to solve all my problemsScreen Shot 2015-04-01 at 9.45.39 AM.png