Monday, March 30, 2015

Flubaroo and Google Forms

Since last blog we did a few things at the help desk.

Primarily, over the last few weeks we have been creating videos on the Help Desk channel, designed to be a crash course for teachers on the latest and greatest technology from the educational software industry.
We split up our class into two groups for this task, one group focusing on Google Classroom, and my group, which focused on Google Forms and the Flubaroo add-on, which assists in grading quiz/tests which were created in Google Forms. You will be able to see our video on the Andover Innovation channel soon.
I learned a little bit about editing while helping Arthur edit the video. This was definitely a good thing for me to learn because knowing how to create videos which look sharp and well edited is a good skill to have. Also it was a lot of fun creating the video.
As well I learned how to make google forms, compile them into a spreadsheet, and even how to grade them using Flubaroo

Overall, throughout the video creation process it was a lot of fun to work with other students in the class, and I think I will be able to take some of the elements of video creation which I learned from this and apply it to my final project (maybe I can make a video of my final project)