Monday, March 2, 2015

Semester Goals

          A few months ago I began learning the C# programming language and up until this point, I have learned quite a bit about the basics and I continue to learn more every day. It has been an interesting, exciting, fun, and at times a difficult process, and I am excited to continue learning and excited that I am on my way to the world of programming. When I first began programming in the C# language (using Microsoft Visual Studio), I learned to display text in the console window and the first program I created was the “Hello World” program which is a very well-known program among all programmers. After learning to display text to the display window, I learned about variables and values as well as “if else” statements. This is basically the summed up version of everything I have learned (but I have learned all of this in great detail and depth), and I will continue to learn more in the weeks, months, and years to come.
          Currently since I am still a beginner in the C# programming language, I am short on ideas for projects I can create using this language. As I continue to learn more about what C# is used for and just more about the language and how to use it in general, I hope and plan to get ideas about possible projects for the future of this class. I currently don’t have enough knowledge to even get a small idea yet, but that should change in the next couple weeks. I have noticed that C# is a very large and expansive language and can be used for any number of programs, applications, and games. It can be used for desktop applications, web design, mobile phone applications, and much more. Hopefully as I continue learning something will come up in one of the many areas that I can base a project on in the future.