Monday, March 2, 2015

Semester Goals

Innovation Lab Blog 1 - Noah Mezher
Last semester, I started the Intro to Java course here at AHS. Before that, I tried teaching it to myself, but couldn’t keep a tight enough schedule, so I figured the course would be good. I had prior experience with other programming languages like C, C++, JavaScript, and HMTL5, so I had the general idea of coding down, but never knew much about each language. I learned the basics of Java, and I want to learn more this semester in this class. I don’t have enough experience with the language to write a typical executable program, but hopefully at the end I will have an idea that fits my ability and I will be able to write it.

Like I said, I can’t write an executable program, but I will be learning the language so when I have an idea, hopefully it will be in my ability to do. I want to make a game with Java, so I will need to learn about importing images, GUI, and buttons, along with implementing those objects in the right place. I already programmed a hangman game in the course for my final project, so I could improve on the GUI in that game, because it is all text based at the moment. I could also make a totally new game. I do not know what exactly I will be doing, but I will definitely figure it out by the end of the semester and have a project done.