Thursday, November 6, 2014

I got hacked

So... this is a bit late but my k12 account was recently having some issues so i wasn't able to make a post last week. But here it is now. Better late than never am I right? So as probably all of the other class posts said we recently went on a field trip to the MassCUE convention at Gillette Stadium. It was a fantastic experience because I don't get to go on trips like that very often. I can speak for most when I say we all enjoyed ourselves. By the end of the trip we all had a memorable moment to take back with us to Andover.

Seeing as most of my other class mates summed the trip up pretty well, I'm just going to move on to discussing my project. At this point I am in a relatively constant cycle. I create and add some new characters, balance them, and work out any glitches that remain with the added pieces. The game is definitely more than half way done at this point. I have even added a early stage of AI into the game for arcade/single player mode. It is still a bare bones game mode as of now, but in time it will be fully functioning. I still have some plans of adding a final boss for the game and getting the team modes to work. Other than that and a few other technical issues there is not much to update on. I just got to keep moving forward in the development and it will be complete before I know it. But for now it's going very smoothly and my classmates really enjoy playing it too. Below are a few pictures of new animations and other general character code. In my next post I would like to add a video into the blog.

Will Owen