Friday, November 21, 2014

The End is Near


     Since my last blog post, I have finally finished my codecademy adventure through JavaScript. It was a long and hard process but I believe that it was worth my trouble. I now know how to code with boo leans, functions, for loops, while loops, if/else statements in JavaScript. Eli has been nice enough to explain to me the differences between JavaScript and Java. I have learned that they are very similar, but there are one or two very drastic differences. I needed this explanation because i will be coding in Java and not JavaScript when I start programming my first app on Android Studio. I very much enjoyed this process because it opened up my mind to code. After I finish my project I will continue to code throughout my high school experience and codecademy will be another stepping stone to different coding languages.

     I have also finally started to work with Android Studio. I have started to take the tutorial which will eventually flourish into my final project, which is to build a hello world app. So far I have already run a very basic form of my future app. Eli was once again nice enough to let me connect his phone to my laptop and run the app. The result is the picture you see at the bottom. It was a very basic pop up app that simply displayed the worlds Hello World! I hope to be able to have changing colors, and instead of hello world, i would like it to print out hello(insert name here) for each individual user of the given phone. I look forward to completing the tutorial in the upcoming weeks, and showing you all my final app.