Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Preparing for Christmas Break and Things I Learned / Zach

    My second week at Andover High went even better than my first, between the progress we developed on the Wiki's for students as well a furthering our goals to push the students projects ahead of the curve, I couldn't have asked for a better week. During my second week, I was able to assist Instructor's with help on their Mac books, which is a great opportunity for them to know that I am here to help! 

    As I look forward to my third week at Andover High School; I keep an open mind in what type of work I am encouraged to do at the LAB Help Desk. During this week I have obtained several useful bits of information that would look very well on my resume, and I have no doubt I am going to be getting the most I can out of a solid internship. 

    When I entered week 3 of my time as an intern at Andover High, I was tasked with instructing students in the Library about the Hour of Code and how to effectively use coding languages like JavaScript or HTML to further their goals in an evolving technology based world.