Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Will's first blog post

Will Owen

        In the first few days of being in the innovation lab I have mostly been thinking
about what I am going to do for my big project. Although I am helping to work on a few
smaller things, that doesn't seem to be my main focus. So far the class seems to be
very open ended. The option to choose my own topic and idea to create is a nice
freedom that is associated with the class. As of my current status on what I would like to
accomplish in my time at the innovation lab, I have a few ideas. I think I want to create
either some kind of story driven RPG or maybe make my own physics engine. I could
even take that to the next level by making some kind of fighting game. Either way, I do
have some ideas. A friend and I have talked often about an RPG we want to create but
have never had the chance, so this class may be that chance. I’ve also have had a
strong interest in fighting games ever since I was young and have a good grasp at how
they work and function. I have done some research on both of these ideas and I think I
have found some tools that may help me accomplish any one of these. I think that the
whole physics engine would be a challenge but I may be able to pull it together if I
wanted to.

        As of what I’m doing right now in the class I have been preparing to make a small
webcast tutorial on how to create a google form and format it correctly to an individual's
requirements. Hopefully we will be able to get it done without any difficulties. We have an outline so it should all go okay. That’s about it for the first few classes. So far no issues but I haven't started my main project either so I’ll have to wait and see if any come up later.