Tuesday, September 16, 2014

First Blog Entry-Adam Yee

Hi.  My name is Adam Yee and I’m an addict.  It all started when I was 5, but it has only become stronger.  It’s Sports!  I’ve been in love with sports at a young age and currently play club basketball and am Captain for the 2015 Boys Volleyball team.  For the past couple weeks at the Innovation Lab, been tracking Fantasy Sports stats and predicting which players could potentially have breakout performances.  The goal of this is to put the best possible team together come the end of the semester purely based on statistics.  Starting out in September, I have been tracking Fantasy Football but once the basketball season comes around, I will create the ultimate Fantasy Football lineup and then switch to Fantasy Basketball; which I will be tracking until the end of the semester.

To accomplish this I will be using my computer as well as Excel to track stats of certain key players.  I will be tracking 5 players/teams for each of the 9 categories (Quarterback, Running back, Right End, Defense etc).  This will be done completely without interference from Fantasy Analyst input.  Thus, I will not be referencing ESPN, Yahoo!, or any blogs.  When the NBA season starts, I will do 10 players per position rather than 5 because there are simply less categories in basketball than football; making management easier.

In other news, Andrei and I have been preparing notes on how to use Google Groups.  If everything works out, we are planning on making it a 2 video webcast; the first being an introduction to Google Groups and how to set one up; the second one will go more in depth into the different kinds of groups and functions of the group.  Andrei is currently at a guidance appointment but we are ready to film the webcast later today or next class.

Other interesting facts about me include that both my parents are from Asia: My dad was from Taishan province in China and my mom came from Hong Kong.  I can speak Mandarin and Cantonese.