Saturday, February 8, 2014

Lee Lebensbaums Andover Innovation Lab Project: Google Docs For Education

My name is Lee Lebensbaum, a sophomore, and I've been working hard (or hardly working) at the Andover Innovation Lab. We've helped one teacher thus far, with her projector trouble, and that was quite rewarding. I've been trying to figure out a way that teachers and students can utilize Google's apps, such as Google

Hangouts and Google+, to interact with students and make teaching more engaging. Instead of using Edmodo, which makes it tedious to interact with other students and teachers, Google+ has Google Hangouts, which allows for chatting with fellow students or one's teacher. The teacher can open a Google Page or a Google Community and post homework on there. Google Docs and Google Drive can be used for group projects and submitted via emailing to the teacher via Gmail or posting it on the Google Group. The possibilities of using Google for education are infinite.

This has been a short five classes, and with Taha by my side, the ninety minutes go by even quicker. On the rare occasion, Taha and I diverge from our main priority and check out some random site relating to cats and the like, but overall, we are very productive. Sometimes, I feel jealous that his project actually requires a lot of technical skill, but I feel like my project does has some significance (I'm not saying his doesn't, he's trying to reinvent how students take notes). Together, we are reinventing the way teaching and learning is done.