Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ian Macgregors Andover Innovation Lab Project: Maya Development

My name is Ian Macgregor and I'm a junior working at the help desk. For the past two weeks I've been working with Peter on 3D modeling in the program Maya. I began modeling three years ago, but then dropped it for a

while. I started getting back into it this summer and have been focused on relearning all the tools and such. I've
only been here for four classes so far, but the time has really gone by quickly. We haven't had to work on any tech problems yet, but I'm kind of looking forward to helping people if I can.

Right now my current project is pretty simple. To get back into Maya I'm making a model of a robot, which I'll rig and animate later. I'm doing this to try and branch out a little from where I left off last year, as drawing or modeling humanoids has never been my strong point and I never got around to learning rigging. Like I said I've only been here for a few classes, but so far I've made a fair amount of progress on the torso and started shaping the head, which you can see in the attached picture.