Saturday, February 8, 2014

Parth Valechas Andover Innovation Lab Project: Headphones Business Development

My name is Parth Valecha, a sophomore at the Innovation Help Desk. I've always loved listening to music and I always have a pair of headphones on me. I love headphones the same way some people love cars, or shoes. Even though I only have one pair, I'm always on the internet looking at new headphones from my favorite companies. I always want to listen to music, especially during rowing practice. I love rowing and
having some pump up dubstep helps so much. But the problem is carrying a phone and headphones with a cord is not only restrictive, its also dangerous. So because of my love for headphones and rowing, I aim to design headphones that I can row, run, swim, ad workout with without any problem. My solution is to have high performance and high stability headphones with a mp3 player inside it. I can play music straight from my headphones so a phone and wire is not necessary. It will be designed to provide complete comfort, and be exremely reliable at the same time. This way I can row while listening to my pump up music.

During the help desk, I have been researching marketing and product development information. I plan to soon develop a basic business plan on my idea. Im able to stay focused furing the help desk. Although I am not always extremely productive, I am able to get work done and go farther with my idea than I normally would with the help desk. It is really helpful, and without it I would never even think of writing a business plan on the idea already. Hopefully I can get my thought out on paper and show everyone the product I envision.