Monday, February 10, 2014

Sara Adams Andover Innovation Lab Project: Cupcake Website

My name is Sara Adam and I am currently a senior in the Andover Help Desk/Innovation Lab. For my independent project, I will be creating a website for Beachside Bakers, my cupcake company. By the end of this semester, I hope to have a website up and running, where customers can order cupcakes online, as well
as learn about the business. Also, I hope to create a game where people can go on and design their own cupcake, and submit their designs. Each month, we will pick one winner who will win a free half dozen cupcakes with their new design on them.

  So far, I have begun to design a new logo. I have also been planning out the layout of the website and what pages I will have on the site.  The color scheme will be different shades of turquoise, to go along with the beach theme of the company. Although I have not begun actually creating the website yet, I am almost done planning and hope to begin with that soon. Overall, so far I have had a great experience with the Help Desk!