Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Instructional Technology & Andover Innovation Lab Weekly Update Week Of March 3-8th 2014

On Monday I presented to the faculty of AHS the benefits of the Easy Interactive board. The presentation included the discusion of how to directly connect the board to the computer and the variety of tools which were available. I shared out to the faculty on Tuesday the tutorial documents provided by Epsom as well as provided hands on instruction to multiple teachers to
get them started with their boards. Its great to see them eager to explore the technology but also to correct technology issues which may have been holding them back. Here is a link to the resources I provided.

Also on Monday I was able to  assist teacher Mr.Aubrey an English teacher with the use of Mozilla Popcorn Maker in his classroom. Popcorn maker is a web based video editor which enables students to create graphics over existing youtube or web based video.  It is a great tool for helping students isolate issues in a video with text or graphics with their own text,maps or images. Here is a student sample.
Here is  the link to our resource we use to assist teachers.

Mozilla  Popcorn Cheatsheet

On tuesday an issue which came to the help desk was Science teacher John Janetti who needed to set up his Android phone with the Microsoft Exchange server so that he could recieve his work email on his phone.

To do this it is important to know the information to enter into the settings:
Step 1: Go to the settings on your Android Phone
Step 2: Choose Accounts
Step 3:Choose Microsoft Exchange Server
Step 4: Enter the domain which is(I used my name as a sample ddowns)


Step 5: Enter your password
Step 6: Enter the server

Step 7:Then select secure connection and connect!

Today was the third day of having students working out on the desk. We are currently planning what resources we could directly impart to teachers. Looking forward we will develop a help desk guide which will contain resources and tutorials for teachers and students. We will look to add specific resources related to properly saving documents, assist with printing, logging onto networks and troubleshooting small computer issues.

Our students at the help desk/lab have been great with starting a new position posted in the library. Kindly integrating ourselves using  proper decorum for the interaction of students and teachers at the  help desk. We plan on creating  a standing binder of resources to assist in common diagnosis of issues.
Also this week students began creating their blog posts about their technology projects. Students
are currently in the formative phase of defining the min projects and envisioning how they will move forward to a conclusive project. Poke around on this blog this week to gain the student perspective on their projects. Posts will be regular and include discussions of their progress.

On Thursday Joanne Najarian and I met with student government to discuss the state of technology at the high school. We had an inspired conversation about where integration stands and where we would like to see resources directed moving forward. We also discussed the potential implementation of a mobile app for the access to a variety of district and high school information. look forward to seeing more development in this area in the coming weeks.