Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lee Lebensbaum Blog Post for March

So far on this quest, I have finished my first project. My PowerPoint has been completed, and there are two more dragons to slay: the word document and the video. Taha and I, while often working extremely hard, delve into the mystic worlds of Steam, to motivate ourselves and build our minds with valuable knowledge and experience.
The idea of using Google in education is coming together, more so than before. A few weeks ago, I was hesitant on using other features other than Google+, but then I found so many useful tools that can be (and should be) used. Google Calendars, Google Groups, Google Communities, Google Drive... the list goes on! In the word document, I shall explain all of the uses of these apps. In the video, the plan is to give a tutorial on setting up and using Google+ for teachers and students. Overall, this project is coming together well and the hope is to finish the entire project by the end of April. The sword in this epic is my brain, and wielding, it, I shall conquer this project!