Monday, April 14, 2014

Peter's Formative Project / Blog Post

The past two weeks have been spent on some of the finer details of my model. From rear-end engines to just creating basic shapes for the eventual details, the weeks have gone by pretty quick. The main model aspect that was the most challenging was the creation of a pneumatic piece of the model that had to attach to the back of the ship and to a floating object. The actual creation of shapes was easy, but connecting them together. However, the actual model itself looks quite bland from behind due to the stark lack of engines and other details.

The concept has very highly detailed engines and rocket pods hanging off of the wings and textures throughout the wings. As I have not gotten to these yet, it is hard to see the final product in what I have created so far. Hopefully when the engines come into being it will start to look like a real spaceship. The front end already looks really nice, and I added a beam to the very back end that really ties in the small details that I have added this week. This model is starting to come along nicely and I cannot wait until I have completed the model.