Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Learning Java with Nick Wackowski

While working in the Innovation Lab, I learned about how to plan and code a program in Java. I already had some background with Java, but I never made a program this large. As such, I learned a lot about how to properly plan out my code, and how to stay motivated while writing massive blocks of code. I also learned a lot about using different classes, and how to program one class to go into the other without any sort of weird thing happening in the code ruining the whole program because that would be really annoying you know? So I learned how to properly plan everything out so that wouldn't happen and now everything is going swell.

Since my last blog, I did a lot of testing with my own program. I found a rather crippling flaw with Browxy: if it runs a program for more than a minute and a half, browxy crashes. As such, I can only test minute-and-a-half intervals of the game. I will have to find an actual JVM to test my game.