Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Josh Kings Formative Project / Blog Post

I was introduced to the Lab & help desk by my counselor when I had to move around my schedule and I’m enjoying it thus far. I have not taken a class like the Lab & help desk before, so most of the things that I’m being introduced with, are new to me. The Lab & help desk allows you to be imaginative with your project and be allowed to work with something that you enjoy doing or have an interest in. In my Sophomore year at the high school, I had to take a lot of classes that were *required* to take instead of being able to choose and pick what I would have an interest in. I think that the Lab & help desk is a great class for anyone who has an interest in computers, web design or even playing video games because it allows you to think of your own project and bring your own ideas and thoughts into the project that you’ll be working on during the duration of the semester.

My project that I’m currently working is game design. I’m working with the Construct 2 program to make my own 2D game. I download the Construct 2 program and began to toy around with the program and began to like it a lot. Construct 2 began to come easier to me once I got the hang of it and it became very fun to work with. I wish to make a game that has easy functions and a simple design but is really rich with it’s gameplay and design. Looking forward to the future, I’m excited to begin my actual project and moving forward with it and exploring more of what I can do with the Construct 2 program.