Monday, April 14, 2014

Ian's Formative Project / Blog Post

Last week at the Help Desk I finished the model for my robot. Since it was actually the
first humanoid model I’ve ever made I decided to try and learn how to Rig it. Rigging seems to
be a tedious and intense process from what I’ve heard, but it’s easy to explain. If you think of the
model as the muscles of a character, then the rig is the character’s skeleton. If properly set up, a
rig can allow you to grab a joint and move an arm quickly rather than having to slide and rotate
the shapes of the arm one at a time.

A screenshot showing the model posed for rigging and a very basic rig of an arm.
Like I said, I know very little about rigging right now. Right now I’m searching for
tutorials and examples to work off of. But from what I’ve seen to start rigging I may have to
work on some other skills as well, like grouping the shapes to stay organized. I may not even
finish the rig of this model during this course, but if I can teach myself the basics I’ll be satisfied.