Monday, April 7, 2014

Parth Valecha's April Blog Post

Hi, I am Parth Valecha. I am working on a product called FreeBuds. By now, you probably have the basic idea of what the product is. It’s an mp3 player implemented into headphones for athletic use. I have already finished two mini-projects. One project isn't all that mini as it is a three page single-spaced essay. This essay talks about the benefits of my product, the quality and technology behind the product, and the marketing and attitude of the company. The quality and technology behind the product is not very deep but it gets the main
points of the product design. The marketing is interesting as it markets a way of life through the product rather than the product itself. My second project is based around the design and demands of the product. It is a comparison between all sorts of headphones. It shows how each headphone chosen relates to my product to get a basic idea of what the product will look like. It also has a section that describes what makes our product unique and in some cases better.

I am working on my third mini project right now. It is a 4 slide presentation. It touches on the benefits, product design, and marketing of the product. The first slide is just the intro slide. I made it rather flashy and poppy to show the attitude of our company. The second slide will in bullets describe the problem that the product solves. The third slide will have a diagram showing how the product will come together and work. The last slide will be a video of the dumb stuff I do with my friends. This slide shows the way of life that we try to market. This presentation will be used as a template for my final presentation.