Thursday, January 9, 2014

Experiences In Using Recording And Editing Software For Online Video Production - Vaibhav Patel

Creating videos is a really resplendent experience, but there is a lot of research that goes into it. The first steps that go into making a video are making a script and researching about the content that will be put into the videos. After researching and finishing the script, it’s time to record the video. While recording, there will be times when you mess up, and do it over again. Once done with the video recording, comes the editing part. Basically, this process takes a lot of time, especially the rendering part. The most frustrating parts are researching and editing (rendering).

I use programs like fraps or Dxtory to record, and after effects and sony vegas to edit the videos. Editing is what makes the videos look really good. Fraps and Dxtory export the video file as a .avi file, so I import them into vegas/after effects and make the video better by adding text, related images and adding effects to make the videos look cool and then finally i render it as a .mp4 file. These programs are not free, they do cost quite a good amount of money. There goes a lot of grammar content while creating scripts, such as making sure everything is structured in a easy to understandable way and spelled correctly. After everything is done correctly, watching the final product is fun!