Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Introducing Info Graphics to the Andover Innovation Lab Help Desk / Zachary Griffin / Easelly

    With the new influx of students the Help Desk is getting starting next semester, it is critical that we prepare with as many media tools as possible to ensure they understand the three different phases they must cover when they work on their projects. As the Andover Innovation Lab promotes consistent use of technology, having these resources available online to our students will help us reach that goal. Easelly is one of the many free tools on the web that we use, and definitely worth investing time into for anyone that needs to create a free and efficient visual theme. 

    Easelly ( is a info graphic design tool used for creating an image hierarchy that you can implement into any subject. For example, if I wanted to make a hierarchy about the food menu at the school cafe, I would simply drag and drop media images into the background and it's their! It's very simple to use, and does not require prior knowledge on image editing software to fully understand. Do you wish to create a chart or a bullet list for your next project? Easelly enables you to do this!

    As for my Easelly theme; I wanted to develop something that our new students could use when they need a quick and easy reference on the three different phase and final presentation outlines for their Help Desk project. Tools like Easelly and Google Docs assist us greatly in creating convenient tools for our students and since we are always encouraging them to create accounts on these various sources, it should be a major convenience for them to get a reminder on what they need to know about during this course. 

    Of course, Easelly is just one of the many major tools we use at the Andover Innovation Lab Help Desk, and it will always be one of the many tools we use as long as we stay on top of the current tend in the multimedia world and continue to use valuable online resources to our advantage. Our goal is not only to make things more simple for our students by using this software, but also to encourage them to use it themselves for their professional and personal life. I am looking forward to seeing how our students will implement these resources available to them on the web, and hopefully they will use them beyond the Help Desk.