Thursday, January 23, 2014

Andover Innovation Lab-Help Desk:Updating The IPad Carts- Zach Griffin

At the Andover High School, it is always in the better interest of the faculty to ensure that students are learning about the newest features in technology to assist them in their academic goals. This includes what king of the tools and resources provide the most convenient ways of doing this. While Google Apps is great software for students to work with, the Apple iPad's provide the appropriate hardware for students to work with. No longer are the days of old Mac computers that can hardly operate a class essential, now we have modern technology students can use to keep themselves up to date with the latest tools in the world.

Often times, teachers will have difficulty operating an iPad or the apps they use for teaching their classes. It is important to keep iPad's updated and charged, and the Help Desk is always here to assist instructors in their technology needs. Each day, Dan and I will tour around the school and offer our support to teachers with their technology needs, and the iPad cart is usually the one we are summoned to work on more frequently. 

While working on the iPad carts, the first thing you must do is to ensure each iPad is plugged in. The iPad carts we use have over 24 ports that each iPad is inserted into, and when plugged in, they not only charge the iPad, but also sync it with any material our laptop is installing. As the instructors at Andover High School require all of the iPad's to be up to date with the latest apps, it is important that we ensure they are all being synced with each other. It isn't a difficult task, but it can be time consuming, and considering the teachers at Andover High have very busy schedules, the Help Desk is more than happy to take care of any issues the iPad's are running into.