Friday, January 31, 2014

The New Semester / Zachary Griffin IT/Help Desk Assistant

     It's the new semester now, which means we now have our new influx of students showing up for the Andover Help Desk. It's been quite a busy week since the new arrival of students came into the Help Desk on Monday, there isn't a block where a student isn't learning about the newest innovations about technology, and that's exactly what Mr. Downs and I are excited about! Between working on subjects such as 3D modeling, Java, and HTML, there is nothing that the Andover Innovation Lab can't support its students on. 

         Among the many ways we approach to instruct our students, the most important focus they have is to use their own judgement on how a project should and shouldn't be. If a student wanted to develop a website, for example, it would be vital for him/her to use their own judgment on how that site should be handled. It's more than just creating a site, you also need to judge the work you've done, and commit to making improvements to them based on your own evaluation. Being able to self-evaluate is something the Andover Help Desk is committed to teaching its students. 

    As a recent graduate from a Technical Institute, it's in my interest to see our students going through a college like experience, from working hands on with their projects to learning how to take in constructive criticism to advance their skills in their desired field. Many of our students are seeking a future in a technology based environment, and if we can assist in guiding them to pursue that goal, I would say the Andover Innovation Labs help extends beyond that of an normal high school curriculum. It's been a pleasure working with these technology driven students, and I look forward to seeing how our future this semester unfolds.