Friday, December 5, 2014

The End Is Near

     Since my last blog,  I haven't done much in the territory of finishing my project, but what i have gotten far in is planning my final steps and collecting all of my final resources to finish my project. My final project is to complete the tutorial of building an app on Android Studio, so far this has been going really well. I did in fact take a very roundabout route to this goal because I had no prior knowledge of coding or programming whatsoever. So if I just started that tutorial all by itself without constructing a background, it would have been very hard, so I opted to learn the basis for JavaScript, and then Eli agreed to explain to me all of the differences between Java and JavaScript because Android studio actually is programmed in Java. I have recently just finished my codecademy course and Eli has in fact taught me the differences, but he will have to do it again because there were some complicated ones. So as of now i have Android Studio ready and i have in fact created my first Hello world app, although it is the most simple app possible. It just displays “Hello World”

The several artifacts i have collected for this project so far is some programming links that i have saved in a separate google doc, I have also acquired my major tutorial for this semester which was I actually feel that it was very helpful because it has many hints if you need them along the way. Lastly I have downloaded Android studio and I am currently using the starting tutorial. So far I have had many challenges, but I would say that my one very big challenge was functions. I honestly spent a lot of time on that section and i received extensive help from Eli as well. Also another big challenge for me is syntax. It is not as important in JavaScript, but if I forget ; in Java or if I forget brackets and parenthesis, the code will not run what so ever.

Thankfully I have Eli to help me, Eli has taught me an extensive amount in syntax on JavaScript and how important it is. He has also explained to me many of the differences between java and JavaScript so that I could actually begin the final stages of my final project, and i am sure he will continue to help me as i progress through the final stages. To finish my project, basically all I have left to do is finish the tutorial on how to build my first app in android...this should take me to the end of the semester