Friday, December 5, 2014


As my blogs title probably suggests, I have worked out almost all of the known glitches in the game. The big one being the victory screen portraits and the inverted palette glitch. Now that I have fixed these issues inside the fighter factory software I have been able to reinsert the broken characters into the game. The game is now much closer to completion than ever before and my list of things to do before the games completion is much smaller now.

Recently we had a google hangout where we got to answer some questions about our progress on our independent projects. We started by discussing what we would be presenting and showing for the final presentation. My final presentation topic is the fighting game I developed using MUGEN and how I have progressed through learning how the software works and developing an engine. Afterwards we talked about the artifacts and resources we used in our process of developing each of our projects. The artifacts used for the game I developed were the MUGEN software, Fighter Factory, and several sprite packs. Fighter factory is a program where all resources can be compiled, edited and organized. Using this program I was able to edit many of my resources to work properly with the game. I also used several websites and tutorials to help in the process of completing the game. There were also several challenges that we had discussed during the google hangout. My main challenges have been to make a balanced roster so that no one character can be overpowered. Some glitches have also given me issues but they haven't been as big of a deal as the balancing of the characters. I also talked about the help I was able to receive from many of the other class members. They helped me test the game throughout its production. Finally the last few things I need to do to finish the project are the arcade mode and the AI to go with it and to finalize the character roster.

Seeing as my recent purge of many of the games glitches below I will have some pictures of before and after the removal of one of the most annoying glitches I had to fix.