Thursday, October 31, 2013

MassCUE 2013- Andover Student Help Desk Experience- Vaibhav Patel

Meeting 30 Hands Learning Owner-Eric Braun
We went to Mass Cue Conference, at first we went looking for the 30 hands learning vendor, but we could not find it at first, so we went to the vendors and met the exhibitors and learned a lot of stuff about technology, I also did Virtual Welding. We also tried to get some internships and connections to people associated with IT. Before lunch, we found the 30 hands learning vendor and met Eric Braun, Owner of the 30 Hands Learning, and he gave some nice advice about using technology for myself, and it was useful. Then we had to eat lunch and finally after that we went to work the Einstein Bar, where I assisted people with technical Issues, so basically a help desk. There was one lady that came for help, her problem was that she couldn’t turn up/off the sound in her Mac. Overall a very rewarding experience and great to meet so many entrepreneurs and see the range of employment opportunities in technology.