Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My First Experiences With The Help Desk- Vaibhav Patel

The moment I heard about the Helpdesk class, I thought why not help people with lack of information about computers, I mean just imagine you working with something that you don't know a thing about. I also thought maybe I would be able to learn a bit more about computers, and also learn how to help people. 

One can acknowledge everything about computers, but won’t be able to teach anything about it, unless he/she knows how to teach. I was really surprised when I joined the class, because I was the first student of Helpdesk, I thought there were going to be a bunch of people in the class. I guess it was because not many knew about the class or they didn’t know much about computers. 

Mr. Downs is a nice guy to be working around with, he is pretty chill, you don’t feel like he is teacher, he is more of a friend you are working with. So far, I have help teachers, guidance counselors, and also some administrators, it’s not really a big deal, they are all normal people. I think you actually gain more reputation, and you always want adults to think of you as nice student.

 Anyways, every time I help someone I learn something new, like once we were helping a guidance counselor get Google chrome and Mr. Downs showed us how to use the Self-Service. The only thing that is boring about this class is Lab check, I mean it is important, but really I think we should only do it like once a week. I like the idea of having logs, so you know what you have done so far and you can always go back and review it or to use it for future. Overall, it’s a lot of fun learning about technology while helping school staff and working with Mr. Downs and Patrick.